white mulberry syrup, such as dried white mulberry, was first produced in Iran. This incredible product has tremendous health benefits. White mulberry syrup can be an Iranian export product.

iranian white mulberry syrup to buy

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Iranian white mulberry syrup are a miraculous potion. Unlike other syrups, this product does not last long. But its high properties have boosted its buyers. White mulberry syrup is ready to buy.
Since white mulberry in Iran has the highest production, we expect that the products of this fruit in Iran are more than anywhere.
White mulberry syrup is one of the best products of White mulberries.


White mulberry in Iran

The white mulberry tree was not first raised to produce fruit in Iran. Iranians began to plant white- mulberry trees to grow silkworms. But soon it became clear that Iran was a good place to grow white berries.
The White mulberry in Iran have characteristics that did not exist in their hometown, China:

  1. Plenty of fruit
  2. Large size
  3. Super sweet taste

In this way, Iranians were thinking about the multilateral use of white mulberries.


dried white mulberries in Iran

The high value of white mulberry fruit in traditional medicine, made it important to dry this fruit.
Dried white mulberries have high properties and can be very beneficial. Therefore, berry drying was selected as a white berry keeping method.
But the Iranians could not dry all white mulberry fruits, and some dried white mulberries also had high properties but low quality. So the production of white mulberry syrup was also important.


Iranian white mulberry syrup

Iranian white mulberry syrup is produced in two ways:

  1. Using Fresh white mulberries
  2. Using dried white mulberries with a small degree of qualities
    During the first method, we can only make white mulberry syrup in the summer. But in the second method, you can always make white mulberry syrup. Therefore, the second type is selected for factory production at the present time.
    white mulberry syrup has extraordinary properties. That’s why today’s order to buy this product is increasing.
    We can see the use of this product for diabetic patients as one of the areas for increasing the buying and selling of white mulberry syrups.